The Monks of New Skete and Marc Goldberg present
ForceFree Method E-Collar Workshop 
Intro to E-Collar: The ForceFree Way Seminar

Train with the Monks of New Skete and Marc Goldberg 

This five-day workshop is for any trainer or dog owner who would like to learn a detailed approach to compassionate training with e-collars.  Appropriate for beginner and experienced e-collar users.

Topics to include:

  • Picking your equipment
  • The science of e-collar use
  • Ways to introduce the e-collar to a dog
  • Loose leash 
  • Off leash
  • Place or Go To Bed
  • Common dog behavior problems
  • Anxiety and obsession behavior
  • Dog aggression
  • ​and more...

ForceFree Method E-Collar Workshop

When: June 13-17, 2017

New Skete Monastery, Cambridge, New York

Trainers and/or dog owners

Reg. $3,995, limited time only $3,495 with your dog or handling our dogs 

 Reg $1,995, limited time only $1,745 audit : no dog handling

* Discount deducted from first payment.


Who are the teachers?

Are there any prerequisites?

​How many people attend?

If I audit the workshop, do I still get to participate or do I just sit quietly and listen?

What do I need to know if I bring a dog?

When will I know if my registration has been accepted?

How do I get there?  Where do I stay?

What can you tell me about the collar I will be receiving?

What are the payment terms?

What other things should I know?

What is included in the workshop fee?

  • The tuition
  • 1 - ET-300 Educator from E-Collar Technologies*
  • All course material
  • 5 lunches*
  • 1 dinner at the monks' table*
  • Certificate of workshop completion*

"Brother Christopher and Marc Goldberg's thorough and careful approach to training with the Force Free Method was inspiring. They were so willing to share resources, time and instruction for both the trainers and ordinary dog owners who were there. "

"My experience with the workshop was indeed positive.  I went in with mixed thoughts and emotions (more than I realized) about the e-collar, and came out a confident believer in this method.  
My dogs are believers too - on the very 1st session with each one, they both understood immediately what was up - that it was about doing as I wanted, about following the leader.  2 dogs: one willful GSD 21 months, one happy labrador 7 years old, very different personalites; both got it easily and in a relatively calm manner. I am impressed."

Ann Marie 

"What an incredible week !!
I'm a novice trainer with no prior experience with the electronic
collar.  Marc Goldberg and Brother Christopher made the classes easy to follow and always interesting.  It was a joy to watch the dogs working happily with them and other handlers.
It was also a great place to meet like minded dog people and exchange ideas and techniques.
I will certainly attend additional seminars at New Skeet.  Can't say
enough ! and can't wait for the next one."


ForceFree Method E-Collar Workshop