Need for a new training facility.

The original portion of the training facility was the Monks' first church.  Over the years different parts have become home to their gift shop, guest house, smokehouse, dog breeding, and finally dog training.  At times it housed all five of these ventures.

The Maurice Sendak Dog Training Building at New Skete

Future vision - service dogs.

As the Monks look at their continued mission of providing the most effective training for companion dogs for individuals and families, as well as expanding in a modest way with the training of PTSD service dogs, ensuring the safety and comfort of the dogs and their trainers is also a top priority. The reliability, soundness and efficiency of a new training center will enable the Monks to continue to provide training for dogs using the principles and philosophies that they have developed and provided to over two thousand dogs and their owners in the past forty-five years. This proposed facility will not only ensure that their work with dogs will continue for many years to come but will also provide them with a much-needed step toward their future vision: to expand their companion dog training program to include training for service dogs

The foundation for future growth.

Over the past forty-five years the Monks' training work with dogs has become increasingly well known, mostly through their books and through satisfied customers.  Their philosophies and techniques are highly respected.  Their hard work continues to help and inspire.  

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